Benenden Hospital launches treatment webinars for patients, and GPs

Benenden Hospital, near Cranbrook, Kent, is launching a series of free treatment webinars this autumn for members of the public to participate in.  

Benenden Hospital offers high quality services and a wide range of specialties all delivered by specialist consultants supported by compassionate, caring and experienced staff and delivered in modern state-of-the-art facilities. It is a centre of excellence for hip and knee replacement, varicose vein (EVLT) treatment and cataract surgery including the use of specialist lenses. Infection control is rigorously maintained within Benenden Hospital, resulting in it never having any cases of hospital acquired bacteraemia or septicaemia related to MRSA or clostridium difficile.

Set in the heart of rural Kent it is easily accessible from East Sussex, Essex and London.

The webinars launch at the beginning of October with the aim of educating the public on a variety of procedures from knee replacement to women’s health, hip replacement to weight loss surgery, and answering the questions and concerns people considering such treatments may have.  

Individual webinars will be led by one of Benenden Hospital’s team of leading Consultants who will talk about the treatments within their area of expertise, concluding with a live question and answer session.  

The series launches at 7p.m. on Thursday, 1 October with a webinar on knee replacement surgery, hosted by Orthopaedic Consultant, Richard Goddard, and hospital Matron, Zoe Andrews. Members of the public can now book onto this webinar at  

Rowan Connell, Medical Director at Benenden Hospital said:  

“The webinars have been developed through a combination of responding to what patients have asked for and close working between teams at the hospital and will help to de-mystify and educate patients on a number of popular treatments. The format will see our Consultant present on their specific treatment area followed by a question and answer session.”  

“While Benenden Hospital is Covid-19 free, we are conscious of the continuing need to keep patients safe, and while we would normally see patients face-to –face, the technology enables us to meet changing patient needs by bringing the sessions into their homes. We are also playing our part in social distancing as the webinars remove the need for people to arrange an appointment or travel to the hospital to find out about the treatments we offer, “said Rowan Connell.  

For the full programme of public webinars and how-to book on each one, visit the relevant section of the Benenden Hospital website   

In addition to the public webinars, Benenden Hospital has also launched a series of treatment webinars for GPs across the region. These will provide participating GPs with an opportunity to enhance their own continued learning, with each of the events they “attend” counting towards personal development targets. GPs can book onto a session by visiting  

“Supporting GPs at this challenging time and reducing the amount of time the need to spend away from patients for training purposes is vital,” said Rowan Connell.