Maria Caulfield MP gets tough on crime

Maria Caulfield MP is backing plans to radically overhaul sentencing, to crack down on crime and protect the public by ensuring dangerous criminals are kept in prison for longer.

For too long, our justice system has been beset by complex and confusing laws which the public often feel fail in their primary aims – to keep them safe and properly punish offenders.

The government are introducing a smarter sentencing plan to crack down on crime – making community sentences stricter and better targeted, introducing whole life orders for child killers and introducing new powers to halt the dangerous early release of radicalised offenders.

Maria Caulfield MP said “Our proposals will ensure the most serious violent and sexual offenders get the prison time they deserve, while new community interventions and changes to rules around criminal records will help boost rehabilitation and cut reoffending – which means creating fewer victims. Too many people do not feel that they get justice, even when perpetrators of crime against them have been found guilty. I hope that these new plans will bring justice to victims of crime in the Lewes constituency and across the Country.”