Life as we knew it has been totally transformed by the coronavirus pandemic. According to new research from the innovative life insurer Vitality, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced 59% of the UK to reassess what’s important in life, and more than 80% of us are now likely to take action and make a life change.

Lockdown has allowed time to think and 59% of us have realised that life is too short and anything could happen to us or our families, while just over half of us believe the pandemic has given us perspective on what’s important.

Spending more time with family is top of most of our priorities list (28%) after many of us were forced to spend weeks isolated from loved ones, while 10% of us believe one of the biggest life lessons to come out of Covid-19 is the need to protect ourselves and our family’s future with life insurance.

The pandemic has also made people value the great outdoors, with a fifth (21%) looking to spend more time with nature. Improving health, by making both physical changes through losing weight and improving mental health and emotional wellbeing are also top priorities along with taking better care of our personal finances and making healthier choices when it comes to our diet.

Despite a desire to make changes in our lives, almost a quarter of us are less optimistic about achieving our long-term goals than before the pandemic and 15% admitted they feel unsure about the future and don’t know what to do next.