Seaford residents and covid vaccinations

Councillor Carolyn Lambert is calling on the government to provide safe local vaccination sites for the first group of Seaford residents who are eligible for the Covid vaccination.  Councillor Lambert explains:

“I have been ringing round residents to see how they are getting on in lockdown and overwhelmingly, people are concerned about access to vaccinations.  I have spoken to a number of older residents who have been asked to travel to Eastbourne, Hailsham and Lewes for their vaccinations.  Understandably, people are concerned about the infection risk of being asked to travel in lockdown.  In addition, many of our older residents are classified as vulnerable and it simply isn’t appropriate for them to have to travel.  Not everyone has access to a car or can afford the taxi fare.

The government have had months to prepare for this vaccination programme and it is simply unacceptable that vulnerable people, who are already anxious, are being asked to travel like this and in many cases, are having to wait outside in unsheltered conditions.

Yet again, it seems that the needs of Seaford residents are being ignored in favour of Lewes, even though Seaford is the biggest town in the district. I am calling on the government, the Sussex Resilience Forum and local NHS providers to work with the community to identify local vaccination centres in Seaford, including using GP surgeries,  as a matter of urgency so that our residents can be