Weekly Vaccine Update from Maria Caulfield- local MP

At last we are seeing cases of COVID falling across East Sussex with a 30% reduction this week which is thanks to everyone doing their bit to stay safe.
We are also making amazing progress with the vaccine rollout locally and I want to thank everyone who has been involved in this massive effort.
So far;

* All care homes have now been vaccinated (unless residents have had covid recently)
* 73% of those over 80 have been vaccinated locally
* We are now calling forward those over 70 and those who are clinically vulnerable
* Housebound residents are now being visited by the mobile vaccination team
* Care workers and NHS staff can access appointments via East Sussex County Council page here but you will need your ID badge to get your appointment. Please do not worry if you have not been contacted yet as no one will be left behind. GPs are not organising the appointments so please don’t contact them even if they have a vaccination centre on site. When it comes to your turn you will be called by the vaccination hub and asked to come for your appointment.
Some people are getting letters from the mass vaccination centres in places like Brighton and Ticehurst and wondering what happens if you can’t get to these centres.
These appointments are in addition to the ones being offered locally so if you can’t get to these centres please wait for your local centre to contact you and you can go to these instead. Just to confirm there are a number of ways in which the vaccination is being rolled out to our communities
* A GP-led vaccination service is where those who are in the first priority groups living in our local community will initially receive their vaccination. This involves groups of local GP practices working together to provide the vaccination to their collective patients at one location. This means that you may not receive the vaccination at your local GP; you may be required to travel to a different location nearby.

* Hospital hubs – local hospitals across the country have begun giving the vaccine to people over 80 who are attending for a planned appointment and frontline health and care staff. You will only receive your vaccination in this way if you have an appointment at your hospital.

* Roving service – the vaccine will be taken into care homes and into people’s own homes if they cannot attend a vaccination site. This is being stepped up over the coming weeks as more supplies of the vaccines become available.

* Large vaccination centres – each county will have one large vaccination centre which will be able to give the vaccine to large numbers of people. Ours are in Brighton and Ticehurst which you can book direct once you receive your letter of invitation.All towns and villages now have access to both a local vaccine hub and access to large vaccination centres.