Jet skis to rent in Seaford?

Among the items put forward to Seaford Council this application has been submitted by Skipper water sports who have been running for three years from Bonningstedt Promenade providing stand up paddle boarding, kayaking and wind surfing to the local community and visitors to Seaford town.

It may be something of interest as it comes before the Council on Thursday 4th February. It may be something that you may agree with or not, but the Council could be interested in your views.
Skipper water sports would like to include a couple of new features to the concession for trade during the 2021 season.
A new concession unit of a white trailer box (12ft x6ft) with branding of the Skipper water sports logo on the side, to be left on the Bonningstedt Promenade concession site.

The trailer would give Skipper water sports a base for customers to register and also help with marketing our service along with them being able to add some items for sale such as towels and wetsuits.
Skipper water sports would also like to introduce Jet Ski’s to the concession. This would be to offer customers a Jet Ski Safari Tour of the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs.

The tour would depart from the Skipper water sports concession, located on Bonningstedt Promenade, Seaford.
The Jet Ski Safari Tour would be guided by Skipper water sports on a safety boat, along to the Seven Sisters.

The Process a customer would undertake before the tour starts;

  1. The Jet Skis would be anchored outside the buoyed area directly opposite the Skipper water sports location.
  2. The customers would be taken via Skipper water sports safety boat to the Jet Skis after a full safety briefing from a qualified Jet Ski instructor.
  3. The customers would have a practical demonstration and have to be able to have full control of the Jet Ski before departing on the tour.
  4. Customers would be taken in a convoy to the Seven Sisters, then return along with the safety boat. Any misbehaviour, the customers will be taken back.
  5. They will have the customers in a limited setting on the Jet Ski, which limits how fast they can go. Skipper water sports will have remote kill cords, so they can stop the JetSki whenever is needed.
  6. After the tour customers will return to Skipper water sports concession area and anchor up outside the buoyed area, to be taken back to shore via a safety boat.
    Skipper water sports would like to start with two Jet skis, however they would be happy to have a year trial period with using just one so they can show how it can work.
    The Jet Skis will not affect or danger any other customers who maybe paddle boarding, kayaking or wind surfing or other users of the beach, as the Jet Ski’s are not permitted inside the buoy area. Other users outside of the buoyed area will be watched and cared for by the Skipper water sports team.
  7. With this being a guided tour they can insure
    safety along the whole trip and allow customers to enjoy the views.

    The Jet Skis that Skipper would like to introduce are Seadoo GTI, which are the safest and eco-friendly Jet Ski and used across the country for hire concessions as they have an eco/learner mode. The Jet Ski would be restricted to 30MPH, the noise can’t be measured but is one of the quietest Jet Skis on the market.
    Skipper water sports would only hire Jet Skis between the hours of 10am and 4pm at weekends only. This should help minimise any noise issues which may arise.
    All customers would be under constant supervision by Skipper water sports staff. This service would only be available to 18 year plus or 16 years plus if accompanied by an adult.
    Skipper water sports would also refuse anyone not fit to operate a Jet Ski, such as under the influence of drugs or alcohol or generally not showing the correct attitude or respect required.
    Skipper water sports have always wanted to make getting on the water affordable for all. That’s why the pricing for activities have always been at our fair price of £10.00 per hour including equipment hire.
  8. The Jet Ski hire would be more to rent for customers due to
    running costs of the equipment but will still be as affordable as possible for all.
    Skipper water sports has always worked alongside Seaford lifeguards to ensure all aspects of health and safety on the water is followed and a good experience for all is maintained.
  9. If Skipper water sports are given the go ahead to implement the Jet Ski’s a full risk assessment would be completed with Seaford Lifeguards and Seaford Town Council.
    Watersport has been well documented as being great for mental health.
    Skipper water sports hope to work alongside Seaford Town Council in being able to offer a unique experience.