Duty Free to return to Newhaven-Dieppe route

On the third of February, the Government upheld the changes to duty free allowances.

Now that the transition period has ended, the government can make changes to how VAT and excise duty are levied on goods for personal use that are brought into and taken out of Great Britain in travellers’ luggage. The new rules cover duty-free sales to passengers bound for EU destinations at ports, airports and international railway stations and on-board ships, planes and trains on international routes.

Incoming travellers will be entitled to the same tax and duty-free allowances, the amount of goods an individual can bring into Great Britain without making a declaration or paying tax/duty, regardless of whether they arrive from the EU or non-EU countries.

The allowances for alcohol will be significantly increased compared to what is currently in place. Other allowances remain unchanged.

The measure also introduces a simplified method for calculating excise duty so that those travellers bringing goods in excess of their allowance can make a customs declaration more easily.

This is excellent news for the local area, with the Newhaven-Dieppe Ferry service able to benefit from these changes. The route is already benefitting from a share of the £77.6 million freight contract announced last year, and this further good news will bolster our local economy, bringing more jobs and new business as we move into the future.

The photo shows Maria Caulfield MP in Newhaven