Residents are receiving scam alerts so please be careful. Cyber criminals are using the roll out of the NHS Covid-19 vaccine to target victims with convincing looking text messages.

  • The texts appear to be from the NHS and state the recipient has the opportunity to sign up for the vaccine.
  • The texts ask the recipient to click on a link which takes them to an online form where they are prompted to input personal and financial details.
  • In some cases the online form has looked very similar to the real NHS website.
  • Remember, the NHS will NEVER ask for your payment details.

If you have received one of these scam text messages:

  • Do not respond or click on the link
  • You can report spam texts directly to your mobile phone provider. All operators now use 7726 – with the exception of Vodafone who uses 87726 – as the short code to report spam texts which is free of charge. It’s easy to remember as the number spells out SPAM on a mobile phone keypad. Once reported you should get an automated response thanking you for the report and giving you further instructions.