A council review of waste and recycling facilities at every block of flats in Lewes district has led to over 100,000 litres of additional recycling capacity being created. 

The Lewes District Council team audited 356 blocks of flats to analyse the number of waste and recycling bins at each location and how effectively and efficiently they were being used. 

As a result of the review, redundant refuse bins were removed from various blocks, while the number of recycling bins was increased.

Councillor Julie Carr, Cabinet Member for Recycling and Waste, said:

“What a fantastic outcome for the district and a really welcome boost for local recycling.  The audit identified council owned and private sector blocks of flats where we could reconfigure the use of bins to maximise recycling and reduce waste.

“In total 154 blocks of flats benefitted from additional recycling bins, creating a massive 100,810 litres of additional of recycling capacity, the equivalent of 420 wheelie bins!”

The decision to undertake the review of council owned properties followed a motion at Full Council proposed by Councillor Liz Boorman.  The project was subsequently extended to also include private sector owned blocks of flats, as agreed at Full Council.

Councillor Carr added:

“I was delighted Councillor Boorman put the idea forward and thank her again for doing so.  The results certainly confirm it was a worthwhile exercise and something we will continue to keep under review.

“The Covid-19 crisis has posed so many challenges for us all, notably in this regard for the council staff who collect all our refuse and recycling.  We are very lucky in Lewes district to have such a well-trained and professional team keeping our communities clean and tidy and I am very grateful to them all.”