Reaction to news on recycling bins at Lewes flats

Over 350 blocks of flats across the Lewes district have been inspected to see how effective recycling bins were. The project resulted in over 100,000 litres of extra recycling capacity being provided at the properties.

Speaking on hearing the news, Cllr Liz Boorman (Conservative, Seaford West) said: “I am delighted to see that my initiative, from September 2019, to improve recycling rates at blocks of flats has yielded such great results.

“It was disappointing that my initial proposal to seek to increase recycling at all flats across the Lewes district was watered down to just council-owned blocks to begin with but I’m pleased the review of the private sector-owned flats has now been completed”.

Cllr Boorman continued: “While the coalition of the Left who run the council ‘talk the talk’, it is Conservatives who initiate positive action on sustainability.”