Travelling to school on Brighton and Hove Buses

Information has been sent from B & H buses regarding resuming school time transport:-
With the confirmation by the Prime Minister of schools and colleges reopening on 8 March we just wanted to let you know that from that day all school services will once again begin operating. We will be publishing the timetables very soon.

As the schools re-open we expect more people to use our services so we wanted to give you early notice that we will be reverting back to pre-lockdown service levels. This change will take place on Sunday 7 March – we’re just preparing the timetables so keep an eye on our website and social media over the next week. We’ll also send you the full timetables in next week’s newsletter.
For those of you returning to school our safety advice and guidance has not changed since before the schools closed, but we thought you might like a reminder to help with any uncertainties or if you’re just unsure:

Here’s a quick guide to making travel safer on board our buses:
Wear a face covering if you are 11 or over, unless exempt
Socially distance on board – only sit with your school bubbles or household
Board one at a time
Remain seated throughout the journey
Avoid cash if you can – we’re not providing change. Pay with the key smart card or mobile app. Further details can be found here.
We will continue to run some journeys as ‘schoolchildren only’ as before – these will be clearly marked on the timetabFor further information please visit our school travel information web page.

What we’ve done to make travel safer:

Our services have restricted capacity to help with social distancing.  On our schoolchildren only services capacity isn’t restricted.

Hand sanitiser units are fitted to every bus and available for anyone to use.

Every bus is subjected to a rigorous clean through every night.  Our cleaners have been using the highest quality cleaning products – as used in NHS hospitals – to minimise viral and bacterial risks.

The fleet is currently being fitted with new air filters which can remove 99% of viruses and bacteria (including COVID-19).  These will be fitted by the end of February.

Drivers’ cabs are sealed, so they do not need to wear a face covering.