A Unique New Way to Meetup with other Local Runners Safely and inline with the ‘Rule of 6’ guidelines

MotivMeet is a new social meetup app for runners to meet-up in your local area and go for runs in a socially safe way.

Running can sometimes be a lonely activity, but here is a way perhaps to be more involved.

MotivMeet helps people benefit from social exercise whilst abiding by the upcoming government’s ‘rule of 6’ guidelines. Lockdown and COVID-19 has impacted mental health through the lack of social interactions. MotivMeet enables a safe way for people to maintain social distancing, whilst helping people reconnect with others in their local area and gain from the benefits that running brings to people’s health and mental well-being.

Andrew Hardman, from MotivMeet states:

‘The hybridisation of technology and physical meetups, we believe will bring a huge benefit to reconnecting the local community, bringing about safe and enjoyable experiences through running and help people to enjoy being together, whether that is just for a social run as a small group or training for an upcoming race or event.’

MotivMeet is a completely free app that allows you to join a run of your choice in your area or host your own run for others to join. The app ensures everyone agrees to not only COVID-Secure guidelines but also social respect and safety guidelines to help ensure all runners have a friendly and enjoyable experience.

Features of MotivMeet include:

  • Search and join runs based on distance, pace, group types and location
  • Host your own run for runners to join
  • Join a running club in your local area to meet up and gain from other club benefits
  • Chat with runners before you meet
  • Reviews, leaderboards and runner matchups
  • COVID secure guidelines and social respect policies agreed by all runners prior to joining a run.
  • Completely free for android and apple users. 
  • To download MotivMeet visit www.motivmeet.com
  • About MotivGroup:We exist to motivate and inspire all runners, via tools and knowledge, so they can have fun running faster and further, helping them to reach their potential and hit their goals Learn more at www.motiv.group.