Have you got plans for the weekend? Respect, Protect, Enjoy

Now that lockdown restrictions have started to ease and the weather is improving, we’re expecting large numbers of visitors to our countryside and coastline, especially over Easter weekend.

East Sussex Council is urging everyone to respect, protect and enjoy while out and about. Their partners in the police, fire and ambulance services would also welcome your help. 

  • Respect local communities and emergency services by parking considerately. If you arrive somewhere and the car park is full, try somewhere less busy. There are plenty of beautiful places to explore, beside the ‘honeypot sites’. Don’t park on verges, over driveways or dropped kerbs. If you can travel by foot or bike, do so!
  • Protect wildlife and your local environment by sticking to footpaths, closing gates behind you, keeping dogs on leads and taking litter home. It is currently lambing season, and sheep are easily worried by dogs and can end up killing themselves or their lambs, trying to escape dogs.
  • Enjoy being outside safely by staying socially distanced and meeting up in groups of six or two household bubbles
  • If you visit the coast, keep well away from cliff edges and bases, and check tide times as you can get cut off by the sea on certain coastal walks and beaches.

A few pointers to be able to safely enjoy the Easter weekend.