Catalytic Converter Theft and Free Offer

We have been sent this notice by Sussex police concerning a the growing theft of catalytic converters from cars.

“The National Police Chief Council and British Transport Police are running a targeted week of action to raise awareness of catalytic converter theft and offering crime prevention advice to help car owners protect their cars from theft. And we’re taking part along with our partners.

Across Sussex the number of catalytic converter thefts has increased. Criminals are stealing the catalytic converters for the precious metals contained within them, some of which can be worth more than gold.

We are encouraging car owners to:

  • Protect your car by asking your dealer if they can give you any advice on locks or guards that are approved by the vehicle manufacturer and tested to Sold Secure Gold.
  • Mark your catalytic converter with a forensic marker such as SmartWater and register your converter to make it harder for thieves to dispose of.
  • Park your car somewhere well-lit and overlooked, amongst as many cars as possible. Try to park so the convertor can’t be easily reached – close to a wall or fence. Try not to park at the end of the row if there are free spaces.

For more information about protecting your car against crime visit our website here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Criminals can remove a catalytic converter within minutes and will probably use a jack to raise the car off the ground to do so. They will not be alone and may have a vehicle nearby to make their getaway. Sometimes they will wear high visibility vests to give the false impression that they are carrying out a repair such as changing a tyre.

We’re asking members of the public to take a second look, what may appear to be an innocent act, may be criminals at work. Please do not approach anyone you think may be in the act of stealing a catalytic converter, but to call 999 immediately.

Also if you have any information about catalytic converter thefts, please report this to us either online on our website here using the ‘Report’ button on the front page or by calling 101.

This week our officers will be at garages across Sussex offering free catalytic converter forensic marking with SmartWater.

SmartWater is a liquid with a unique forensic code which is detectable under a UV light and can lead to the detection of crime and reunite people with their stolen property. All you need to do is go one of the garages listed below and your car’s catalytic converter will be marked. You will need to register, these details will be available on your visit.

To allow for social distancing and for garages to manage this effectively some are requesting you make a pre-booked appointment or they are allowing 15 minute time slots on arrival without an appointment.  Please see the details of the garages and who to contact if booking is required here on our webpage.”