No More Rubbish Excuses!

Millions of pieces of litter are dropped every day in England. Littering is not only unsightly, but has a devastating impact on our native wildlife.

The national ‘Keep it, Bin it’ campaign, encourages people to responsibly dispose of their litter. 

The campaign is targeted towards 16-24 year olds, with a clear call to action: if there’s not a bin, keep your rubbish and bin it when there is one.

The campaign features poignant images of animals eating and getting tangled in litter, contrasted against typical excuses people give for dropping litter. With the RSPCA responding to 1,500 calls about litter-related incidents affecting animals every year – the emotive imagery highlights the impact that littering has on our environment and native wildlife.

Find out what you can do to support the campaign by doing something as simply sharing the campaign video at – Keep it, bin it