Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Bulletin | 14 May 2021

Todays tips:

  1. Show your old clothes some love! If you’re giving having a Spring clear-out of your wardrobe there’s no need to throw these items away! Drop them off at a charity shop or use a local clothing bank to reduce waste and help others in the process. Get more ideas for making the most of your unloved clothes at
  2. Paying a private company to clear some waste? Always check their credentials and get a receipt – Households across the country are spring cleaning and decluttering – if you’re thinking of paying someone to take your waste away always ask to see their Waste Carriers Licence and get a receipt. Unlicensed waste carriers are more likely to fly-tip your waste and you would be libel for the cost of removal and could receive a fine of up to £400. All licensed waste carriers will be listed on the Environment Agency website
  3. The size of your recycling matters! Ever find you run out of space in your recycling bin? By flattening your boxes and squashing cans and plastic bottles you can dramatically increase the number of items in your bin – by four times or more! 

Eastbourne’s recycling rate is on the up but the amount we recycle only tells half the story. It’s vital for the environment that we are cutting the amount that we throw away and reducing your waste will save your household money too.

We are encouraging residents to ‘slim your bin’ – here’s how:

  • Recycling your waste is good – if you no longer need it, can it be recycled?
  • Reusing is better – do you need to throw it away, can it be used for longer or can it be used for something else?
  • Reducing your waste is best – could you avoid buying it in the first place?