Maria Caulfield MP welcomes return of face-to-face GP appointments

Lewes MP Maria Caulfield has welcomed news that all GP surgeries will need to return to offering face-to-face appointments as lockdown restrictions ease.

In a letter sent by NHS England on 13th May, GPs were told the use of telephone and online consultations can remain where patients benefit from them, but physical appointments must also be available from May 17. All practice reception desks must now be open to patients, in a Covid-safe manner, so those who do not have easy access to phones or the internet are not disadvantaged when accessing care.

Maria Caulfield MP said “Whilst of course some patients will benefit from online and telephone access to their GP, this cannot be the only way for people to contact their GP. I have been contacted by many people for whom this is simply not practical given the natural of their conditions or not possible given a lack of access to the internet. Many people need to see their GP face-to-face and so as many other aspects of society come closer to being normal from 17th May, it is only right that GP practices also begin to reopen as close to normal as possible.”

“I know that this will be a welcome change for many of my constituents.”

It may not be as jolly as our picture, as precautions will have to be taken, nevertheless a welcome move.