Kärcher have commissioned a huge UK wide survey of our cleaning habits and it turns out that Brighton locals have turned into power sprucers!

A year of lockdown has seen most of us spending more time at home. So it was decided to commission a UK wide survey to see if that has affected our relationship with cleaning our house – and turns out that Brighton locals have become super sprucers… 

58% of people from Brighton say they now spend more time cleaning their homes than they were 12 months ago. 

28.3% of Brighton’s respondents said they clean their house every day. 

Only 12.4% of Brighton households admitted to paying their kids to help out with the cleaning – making them one of the lowest groups for utilising their potential in-house helpers. 

32.7% leave washing up from dinner to do in the morning. 

8% of Brighton homes pay for a cleaner to come in and help with the upkeep. 

18.6% ask for visitors to take off their shoes when entering the house.

Here are a few more UK wide statistics that might be of interest to our listeners:
The average Brit says they spend over two and half hours (160 minutes) cleaning their home each week.
Three in ten Brits (29 per cent) saying they clean their homes every day.
Across the UK the average person wipes down their kitchen surfaces seven times a day (2,555 times a year!) Plus, we plump cushions five times a day.
The research, also reveal that busy parents will make four beds a day, and tidy up after their kids or partners a staggering ten times a day, or 3,650 times a year on average
Those still working from home will clean spaces they know can be seen on video calls on average five times throughout the day.
A fifth (17 per cent) said that cleaning made them feel less anxious and a quarter (25 per cent) said they found housework hugely satisfying
14 per cent said they genuinely enjoy ironing and 16% said it gave them great satisfaction to clean and organise the fridge
People in almost every city said they spent more time tidying up after their pets each day than their kids