New Mayor for Newhaven.

At its Annual Meeting on May 20th the Town Council elected Cllr Lesley Boniface as Town Mayor of Newhaven for the Civic Year 2021-22.

First elected to the Town Council in 2019, Lesley has previously worked with both Council officers on the management of Riverside Park and alongside the volunteers that make up the Friends of Riverside Park.

Cllr. Boniface commented; “My two years in support of the previous Mayor, Cllr. Graham Amy were really enjoyable, and now, as the new Mayor of Newhaven I am really looking forward to my year in office as we gradually emerge from the restrictions of COVID.”

Newhaven Town Council

There are three tiers of local government with areas of responsibility in Newhaven – East Sussex County CouncilLewes District Council and Newhaven Town Council. Newhaven Town Council is the equivalent of a village parish council. It receives annually a small percentage of the money raised by Council Tax, known as “the Precept”.

Eighteen local people serve as Councillors on the Town Council. They are all volunteers and receive no pay for the work they do on behalf of the town. Elections are held every four years.

There are full meetings of the Town Council about every six weeks throughout the year, which take place at Meeching Hall, in Fort Road. All meetings of the Council are open to the public and there is a short period at the beginning of each meeting put aside for questions from the public and for the receipt of petitions. Please see the list of meetings for further information.