Council supports Clean Air Day 2021

The councillor for sustainability at Lewes District Council is supporting all groups and individuals to play their full part in the work to reduce air pollution.

Speaking on Clean Air Day 2021 which is June 17, Councillor Matthew Bird (pictured) outlined the steps the council is taking to improve air quality and his hopes for how society as a whole will join together to address the problem.

Councillor Bird said:

“Poor air quality from congestion and local traffic is a major concern and especially where this is centred around schools and built up areas. I really encourage all responsible bodies to do more in implementing active travel measures and initiatives such as school streets where motorised traffic is prohibited at drop off and pick up times’.

“As a council we are planning to install electric car charging points in our car parks and when we build new homes. We also continue to encourage residents to walk or cycle whenever possible and turn off their car engines when in a queue, we monitor air quality within more built-up areas and are working extensively with partners to pool resources and expertise.”  

The theme of Clean Air Day 2021 is ‘protect our children’s health from air pollution’, highlighting the urgency to safeguard children’s short and long-term health from the impacts of air pollution.

Councillor Bird added:

“Transport is the biggest source of emissions in the district, which is why our work with East Sussex County Council to implement actions within the Local Cycling and Walking Plan is so important, plus, we will not stop lobbying for more robust cycling infrastructure across the district.” 

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