East Sussex Lib Dem Councillors have welcomed plans to develop an improved partnership with bus companies.

Councillor Stephen Holt says:

“We all want improvements to our bus services and this partnership will be a significant step to making this happen. It will mean improved connections between bus services and will support greener travel.

However the Government’s ambitious plans need to be backed with proper financial support to make this a reality. We also need to ensure equity across the region to make sure that there is full connectivity across our towns, along the coast and in our rural areas. Creating new greener routes will not only help the travelling public but will also deliver our goal of carbon neutrality.

The proposals also make clear the importance of partnership working and in particular, the work and information provided by the Eastbourne Eco Action Transport Group.”

Cllr Colin Swansborough adds:

“My concern is that the walking and cycling strategy has been kicking around for 20 years. What we want is a commitment from the Conservative Lead Member that this is going to happen quickly – so that we can get a functioning bus partnership plan together quickly.”