A Cabinet councillor at Lewes District Council has pledged to continue to lobby government to change the law so that local authorities can tackle ‘unsightly dormant developments’, notably the scaffolding in Talland Parade in Seaford.

Despite little or no work taking place on the site, the scaffolding has been in place for many years, becoming a cause of huge upset to retailers and residents alike. Councillor Emily O’Brien wants the council to have the powers necessary to enforce the completion of the development and the prompt removal of the scaffolding.

Councillor O’Brien said:

“It’s totally unacceptable that the owners of the site, Vision Properties Ltd, has created this eyesore and we are unable to force them to remove it.  Instead, this unsightly dormant development remains an ugly scar on Seaford town centre and local people continue to be burdened with it.”

The council has made representations to government and is considering all other available legal options.

Councillor O’Brien added:

“We have been liaising with Seaford Town Council  and senior council officers have worked tirelessly to engage with Vision Properties, but every time we are told work is about to start it doesn’t and we’re back to square one.  This cannot be allowed to go on, residents and businesses deserve better and I am determined that that’s exactly what they will get.”

Adam Chugg, Town Clerk at Seaford Town Council, said:

“The district council and town council share the same commitment to resolving this deplorable situation as soon as possible.  It is unacceptable that the district council is hamstrung by the limitations of the law in what  it can do, but I hope that there is some progress to announce before too long.”