Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Bulletin – 2nd July 2021

Today’s tips:

  1. Take your old batteries back – please never put batteries or items that might contain batteries such as gadgets and toys, in your recycling bin – they have caused fires in our collection vehicles putting the safety of the crew and the Fire Service at risk as well as disrupting the rounds. New laws have come in requiring shops that sell batteries to provide safe containers to return them to – so look out for these.
  2. Fragrant diffusers – rather than buying new every time, diffuser bottles can be refilled and reused. Soak up any remaining oil with a paper towel then simply refill with your new fragrance. Never throw diffuser oils down the sink as even natural oils can affect animals, vegetation and the water supply. Please dispose of used reeds in your household waste.
  3. Reduce food waste by thinking ahead – planning your meals can go a long way to reducing your food waste. Becoming organised with what you’re going to eat during the week helps you not over-purchase foods that you won’t eat, or will go off and end up in the bin. Spend 15 minutes each week working out a meal plan for the week before shopping for what you need. This can also help you eat more healthily by reducing impulse food ordering! For more tips on reducing food waste visit